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Hankenstien is my personal web site, It's not much to look at yet. I had wanted to learn how to code HTML, so I bought a book called "Learn HTML in a weekend". Well it took a little more than a weekend, but you really can learn HTML in a very short time. I slapped up this website and another one pretty quickly. I highly recommend that book.

I just set up a Blog. and a Photo Album. .

The Blog will allow anyone to post their own comments or articles. When I finally get some time away from work, I'll start posting some real articles worthy of debate.

The Photo Album will also allow anyone to post their own comments, rate the pictures and even select the language to display in. I put up a ton of pictures. Mostly from weekend getaways in California. You'll notice right away I like to ride my bike and get away in nature. California is great for both of these activities.

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